Heather Locklear Turns Fifty And She's Not Looking The Part Or Slowing Down

American actress Heather Locklear turned the big 50 Sunday, and she's not looking the part or slowing down.

The Huffington Post reported, Locklear isn't just looking forward to her birthday. Last month she got engaged to Melrose Place co-star Jack Wagner.

On top of all that, Heather Locklear's daughter with musician Richie Sambora, Ava, is well on her way to a successful modeling career.

The Examiner recapped Heather Locklear's past 50 years from the very beginning.

Born in Westwood, California, Heather Locklear attended college close to home at the University of California Los Angeles and started her modeling career at UCLA's student store.

Since then, Heather Locklear's acted in more than 60 TV shows and made-for-TV movies including Two and a Half Men, Spin City and Women of a Certain Age. She’s also been in several movies such as The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff and Chris Noth, and Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy.

The Melrose Place starlet Heather Locklear is currently filming The Assistants.